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Fundraising Cookbooks - Fundcraft Program

With Fundcraft Create a Rememorable Experience!(Fast, Fun & Easy!)

Fundcraft types—
fundraise cookbooks Start here Fundcraft Publishing. This option is where Fundcraft Publishing types your cookbooks. Or your may opt to use the Short/Cut™ Online typing program from Fundcraft. A cookbook/book publisher for over 75 years.

Fundcraft PublishingFundcraft Publishing will type and proof your recipes for you! Just collect the recipes, sort them into sections, place them in your desired order and Fundcraft will do the rest! After Fundcraft typesets your recipes, we will proofread them against your original copies to check for accuracy. Cookbook publishing production time is 35-50 working days if Fundcraft types your recipes.

Fundcraft provides a online proof copy for 5 days, allowing you to print a copy of your book to check before the production. During the proofing stage, Fundcraft errors will be corrected at no charge, any changes from the originally submitted materials are subject to an additional charge. Hard copy proof is also available for an additional charge. This option must be selected on the cookbook order form.


Fundcraft Publishing - 100 years publishing

Short/Cut Online
fundraise cookbooks Start here Short/Cut™ Online. *Savings of $0.25 per book with a maximum savings of $300. Every Fundcraft cookbook customer will be assigned a unique website location at A Web ID number and password will be given to the chairperson at the start of the cookbook program. If the chairperson decides to use Short/Cut™ Online (type recipes online - "you create your own cookbook"), they can log on with their secure password and customize the site for the group.

*Normal Production Time = books typed and proofed by Fundcraft is 25-30 working days.

Obtain a Web ID and Password.
To obtain a Web ID and Password, click: FREE INFO KIT


collection of cookbooks from Fundcraft Publishing

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