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Pricing Information for Calendar printing

1 Copy 2 Copies 3-9 Copies 10-24 Copies >=25 Copies
 12 x 9books12-Month Monthly Calendar
16.95 14.95 12.95 10.95 9.95
books18-Month Monthly Calendar
21.95 19.95 17.95 15.95 14.95
 12 x 18books12-Month Yearly Calendar
12.95 11.95 10.95 9.95 8.95
*Shipping Costs:    *First Copy: $5.99  *2-10 Copies: $1.99 each  *10 or more Copies: $1.00 each

This screen will allow you to configure a sample calendar order so that you can get an idea about cost. The cost of your calendar is computed based on several factors, including: whether it contains color pages, number of pages, number of books ordered, cover material, and binding style, etc. At the time you place your actual order, you will be given a cost based on the options you have selected for your book, which should agree with the cost estimate produced here.

To see pricing based on a sample order, select the appropriate options. You can change options and recalculate as many times as you want.

Estimated Price

Total Order Cost:

Calendar Specifications
Calendar Type:
Number of copies:

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