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Pricing Information for PDF Ready Books

Note: PDF ready books have a minimum order of 25 copies due to the level of customer service required to process customer files. For orders under 25 copies please use Photogalley's online book design software, click here for pricing fewer than 25 copies.

This screen will allow you to configure a sample book order so that you can get an idea about cost. The cost of your book is computed based on several factors, including: whether it contains color pages, number of pages, number of books ordered, cover material, and binding style, etc. At the time you place your actual order, you will be given a cost based on the options you have selected for your book, which should agree with the cost estimate produced here.

To see pricing based on a sample order, select the appropriate options. You can change options and recalculate as many times as you want.

Estimated Price

Inside Cover/Book:
Total Cost /Book:
Special Size/Order:
Proof Copy/Order:
Cover Design/Order:
BC Wording/Order:
Total Cost/Order:
Marketing Kit:
Rush Service:
Total Order Cost:

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  • 1. Book Specs
  • 2. Printing/Paper
  • 3. Cover
  • 4. Misc./ Marketing Kit
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Book Specifications
Number of pages:
Number of copies:
Book Size:
  Final Trim Size (for custom size or book with bleeds):
(Width X Height, max. 8.5x11)
Photogalley provides 4 standard book sizes; however, if you want to order a custom size or the book has full bleeds on some pages, please enter the Final Trim Size here. 1. Custom Size: Enter the Final Trim Size if the book will need to be trimmed to a custom size that is smaller than the standard book size. For instance, to order a 5"x8" book, you will need to select 5.5"x8.5" for the book size, then enter 5"x8" in the final trim size text box here. 2. Book with Bleeds: If the book has full bleed inside pages, please select one-size up as your book size, then enter Final Trim Size here. For instance, if you want to have the final book trimmed at 5.5"x8.5", but you also have some full bleed pages, you will need to select 6"x9" as your book size, then enter 5.5"x8.5" here as Final Trim Size.Special size order: $0.25 per book up to 250 copies and $0.10 per book after that.
  Binding Type:
  Dust Jacket
The Dust Jacket is only available for hard cover books (minimum 25 copies), such as Harcover/case and Hardcover/Cloth.
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Black/White Or Color Printing/Paper
  Color Printing?
If you want to publish a book with some color pages, please make sure all grey images in your book are true grayscale images. Otherwise, additional charge will occur. If yes, enter the number of color pages (excluding cover) below.
Number Of Color Pages:
  Select Paper Type:
 1. Smooth White 60#: available for non-color/black and white printing only.  2. Smooth Off-White 60#: available for non-color/black and white printing only.  3. White Gloss Enamel 80#: available for both non-color and color printing, glossy finish, twice as thick as typical magazine paper.  4. White Matte 80#: available for both non-color and color printing, dull, non-glossy finish, twice as thick as typical magazine paper. 5. White Gloss Enamel 100#: available for both non-color and color printing, glossy finish, thicker than 80# gloss paper.     6. White Card Stock 10pt C2s: available for both non-color and color printing. This paper type can only be used for one of the spiral binding choices, such as double wire, plastic wire and plastic comb. Note: Paper types cannot be mixed within a book. The type you select below will be used for all content pages of your book.
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Cover Options
  Cover Styles:
 1. Black and White Design: Front and back covers are printed in black ink only, you can upload the front cover and back cover as the first and last pages in your book.      2. Photogalley Standard Full Color Design: over 60 stock cover designs available. All you need to do is to select the type style and add your own wordings for cover and spine.      3. Customer Full Color Cover Design: You supply the print-ready art that meets Photogalley cover specifications. If you have any questions, please check our cover templates.      4. Photogalley Custom Design: Photogalley helps you make your imaginary and creative ideas into a beautiful cover design.        a. Standard Custom Cover Design includes 2 digital proofs and 1 hour design time.        b. Premium Custom Cover Design includes unlimited digital proofs and 2.5 hours design time.
  Spine Design:
If you have supplied your custom cover in 2 separate art pieces (front cover art and back cover art) but would like to have the spine added to the cover, Photogalley can design the spine to match the entire cover design at a minimal charge of $15.00. This option is only applied to Customer Full Color Cover Design.
  Back Cover Wording:
Do you want the back cover wording printed on IP Standard Back Cover at a flat fee of $20.00?  (This option and this charge are only applied to IP Standard Cover Design. If you have selected Black and White Cover, Customer Color Cover or IP Custom Design Cover, Please ignore this option.)
Cover Finishing:
  Inside Cover Printing:
Please provide inside cover printing art with the front and back cover designs. You can select to print them in black and white only or color.
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Order Misc.
  Proof Copy:
The proof copy is unbound, it will be sent to you in a couple of days after the order is placed. We will release the order for printing once we have the approval email or fax from you. There is an additional total charge of $50.00 for any color book order and any black & white book order that is under 200 copies. For black & white book order that is over 200 copies, the proof copy cost is $30.00.
  Rush Services:
Fasttrack Rush service guaranteed for 5 days on black and white books and 7 days on color books $100 or 10% of order total whichever is more. Case bound and double wire wraps not included.
  Barcode creation for previously purchased ISBN
Do you want Photogalley to create the bar code on the back cover at an additional charge of $15.00?
  Marketing Kit: provides Marketing Kit option to help advertise your book.The Marketing Kit is available only with your printing order. Basic Marketing Kit: Postcards, bookmarks, posters, press release, a list of the bookstores. Marketing Kit XL: Postcards, bookmarks, posters, business cards, press release, a list of bookstores, contacts for newspaper, editors, book reviewers, and distributors, etc. Please note that the marketing kit is handled as a separate process than your book order, it will be shipped after your book order is shipped. Please provide some descriptive copy and your contact information that will be printed on marketing kit. You will be receiving the email proof for the marketing kit after the book is shipped, then the kit will arrive in a couple of days once we receive your approval.




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