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Book Shipping Calculator for multiple copies

Photogalley's standard shipping carrier is FedEx.  To calculate your shipping cost please use the book shipping calculator located below. Enter the from zip code as 38017 and the to zip code from the address where the books are to be delivered.  To calculate your weight please use the formulas located below.

  • shipping books Books with color interior will weigh approximately 41lbs per box.
  • shipping books Books with Black and white interior will weigh approximately 31lbs per box.
  • shipping books 6x9 and smaller sized books will fit approximately 7200 pages per box.
  • shipping books Books larger than 6x9 will fit approximately 3600 pages per box.

Example: 5.5x8.5 black and white book with 150 pages and 72 copies;
7200/150pages=48 books per box.  72 copies/48 books per box=1.5 boxes 1 box at 31lbs and one box at 15.5lbs

The following FedEx shipping calculator supports Internet Explorer 7.0 and Firefox only.

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