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Pricing Information for Fundraising Cookbooks

This screen will allow you to configure a sample cookbook order so that you can get an idea about cost. The cost of your cookbook is computed based on several factors, including: whether it contains color pages, number of pages, number of books ordered, cover material, and binding style, etc. At the time you place your actual order, you will be given a cost based on the options you have selected for your book, which should agree with the cost estimate produced here.

To see pricing based on a sample order, select the appropriate options. You can change options and recalculate as many times as you want.

Estimated Price

Cookbok Pages:
Additional Cookbook:
Add Pages:
Online Discount:
Order Cost:
Rush Service:
Total Order Cost:

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  • 1. Book Specs
  • 2. Paper & Cover
  • 3. Divider Options
  • 4. Misc.
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Book Specifications
Number of recipes:
Number of copies:
Book Size:
  Binding Type:
  Local Info. Pages:
Black/White Pages:     Color Pages:
Free four local information pages with your own content, including one black and white photo or sketch. The recipe page graphics are free of charge.
  Recipe Page Options
Any of the provided recipe formats or any of your own recipe formats are free of charge. Art filler, text fillers and recipe notes can be added at an additional cost.
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Paper & Cover Options
  Select Paper Type:
 1. Smooth White 60#: available for non-color/black and white printing only.  2. Smooth Off-White 60#: available for non-color/black and white printing only.
  Cover Styles:
A wide variety of covers in both Black & White and Color are provided in the program free of charge.
Cover Finishing:
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Divider Options
# of Dividers:
  Divider Types:
A wide variety of dividers in both Black & White and Color are provided in the program free of charge. You can also select one of our existing divider back pages for each divider.
Divider Paper Colors:
Heavy Stock:
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Order Misc.
Special Dedication Page:
Mail Order:
# of Ad Pages:
Total:  Black/White:  Color:
  Proof Copy:
You can always proof the book in your account free of charge. Hard copy proof are available for an additional $35.00 charge.
  Rush Services:
Within 25 working days, you can receive your order with a rush service fee of either 15% upcharge on total or $200.00 minimum.

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