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Photogalley Affiliate Program

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    Join our Affiliate program and become a part of the huge digital photo book market.

    Photogalley is a new division at a book publishing company with 50+ years in the publishing industry. Photogalley is not only limited to books and photo books but currently offers many different photo printed products including calendars posters notepads with more products to follow. Our easy to use software with hundreds of templates to choose from and auto-flowing features makes it easy for customers to print their books or other photo products. The average price for a photo book is $23.95 with most orders containing an average of 4 photo books. The minimum quantity on self published books is 25 copies with a average order of 200 copies.

    Join now and get in with an up and coming industry leader in the photo product market and earn a commission off every customer you send to Photogalley.

    • 15% commission on all sales.
    • A 90-day cookie. Affiliates get credit for any orders made within 90 days of the original click placed by the customer.
    • Monthly affiliate promotions – with prizes being paid to months top affiliate
    • An average order size of nearly $100.


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